From the very beginning, microorganisms have been used in the fermentation of all kinds of food to extend the shelf-life of the product by giving it unique final organoleptic characteristics. Isn’t it also true that the health benefits of fermented products are well known? In addition, the search for fermented foods is a clear market trend because it makes it possible to obtain safe foods from every origin, and provide a differentiated sensory experience for consumers who are demanding experiences that are natural. This is not possible with industrial processing: an HPP treatment will not improve the taste, and a product with numerous flavorings and additives will never be as natural and genuine.

In the case of meat, it is well known the wide variety of fermented products that can be manufactured with countless hints of flavour, improved texture, microbiological safety, homogeneity between batches and higher stock rotation. Would you like to experiment the same in new matrices such as vegan? A picture is worth a thousand words to get an idea of the possibilities, so click below to find out.

Natural ripening case study