Citric and ascorbic acid (and their corresponding citrate and ascorbate salts) are two examples of the most commonly used antioxidant compounds in the food industry. They are used to prevent all types of oxidation (affecting fats and proteins).

For Amerex (and we understand that the whole scientific community) they are not the most worrying additives, but it is also true that they have an E-number like all the others which detracts from the label. In addition, in new generation products such as processed fish products, there have been reports of fraudulent use (different from their technological functionality) and in vegan products it is considered a somewhat abusive use to have a preservative function by lowering pH.

Is there a natural alternative that can also maintain the colour of food for longer? Here you can see a study that proves it with the use of Amerex products.

Antioxidants case study