Do you know which are the food industry challenges when talking about preservatives?

Without doubt, the search of safe products is key for the food industry. Moreover, having a long life-shelf being in a perfect condition is other of the food industry worries. All of that, assuming all the request’ market has, whose objective is the obtaining, for example, of prepared food that has a similar organoleptic of which we do at home.

How to substitute traditional preservatives with natural preservatives?

From Amerex, we search solutions for your problems. Thanks to our experience in microbiological cultures, we have developed the SafeMix® range products, which is constitute with natural flavourings obtained thanks to fermentation. These products have the ability to directly eliminate spoilage microorganism.

Which are the benefits of SafeMix® use?

Thanks to the addition of these microbiological cultures, we can control commercial problems, such as gas generation or colour change, which reduces the product’ shelf life.

Also, its action is focused in the reduction of preservatives, as nitrites or sorbate, and heat treatments. In this way, you will obtain a product that will be aligned with what consumers search, safety and durable food, with a home-like organoleptic characteristics.

Which products you will find in SafeMix® range products?

Here you will find from a specialist product against Salmonella, as SafeMix AV, to an innovative protector against yeast and moulds, as SafeMix YM, passing through a specialist product against every type of commercial defects, as extrusion or sharpness, in every type of food products (meat, vegetables, dairy, eggs…), as SafeMix SP.

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