Which is the utility of fermentation in food products?

For years, food’ ripening has been used to assure the conservation. This process includes some gradual changes among time, which permits the change of organoleptic characteristics in foods.

How is this ripening done?

Thanks to the bacteria that are naturally present in food, they can use sugars the food has to generate products as acid lactic, which reduces pH and reaches characteristics of each product. Nevertheless, with this process we would obtain a non-controlled ripening.

How to obtain a controlled ripening?

With ferments products. In food production, having the control of each process is key to obtain stable batches and with appropriate characteristic to be consumed. Is for this reason why Fermitrat® range products is based on different cultures that allows making a ripening according to your necessities.

Which are the advantages of these ferments products?

The fact that your fabrications are homogeneous will also allow that they are more profitable. Thanks to that, your products will also have the texture you need. To sum up, thanks to Fermitrat® range products you will have more stable products with a better microbiological characteristics.

Which are the ferment products you will find in this range?

Thanks to Fermitrat® you will have all the different speed of pH reduction, from the quickest, known as Fermitrat U-SF, to more moderate speeds, as Fermitrat S4. Taken for granted, all of them has different combinations of microorganisms with the function of giving colour and bouquet of your product. Moreover, we develop ferments with exclusive capacity: Fermitrat RT, which can fix the nitrification colour without the necessity of a supplement.

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