What is a food fermentation?

The meat products’ ripening occurs thanks to the bacteria action, which transforms sugars that are present in the food in acid products that reduces pH and helps with the obtaining of each cold meat characteristics. Doing it in a controlled way is key to obtain reproducible batches.

How can we do this process?

In Amerex, we propose the use of Fermitrat-base®. These products are technological bases that helps with ripening and texture problems, maintaining its characteristics over time, in which oxidation will be controlled to assure the organoleptic characteristics.

Which advantages has Fermitrat-base®?

Moreover the ones that have been mentioned, with this product we solve the technological part in our pilot plant, and you decide how to combine it. We can adapt the whole formula, of which you will know every detail, or use your usual spices and flavouring. In this way, this formula will be the perfect complement to obtain, with your ripening starter, cold meats that will distinguish your company thanks to its stable shelf life.

Which formulas to cause fermentation do you have in Fermitrat-Base® range?

Here you will see some examples of the formulas we commercialize. However, the best characteristic of these products is that they are tailor-made according your necessities. Tell us which they are and we formulate!

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