Which is the preservatives’ function in shelf-life and safety products?

The protection of a food product is essential to assure food safety during its shelf-life time. Normally, this protection included the use of traditional preservatives. Nevertheless, markets’ tendency is to obtain long shelf-life time maintaining a clean label.

How to obtain protection with a clean label?

Biamex® range products have demonstrated to prolong products shelf-life. They are natural preservatives with biotechnological basis, being a ferment protector that has a direct action against pathogenic microorganisms. In this way, your food product is maintained with a better state during more days.

Which are the benefits of using natural preservatives?

This products will help you obtaining a clean label thanks to the reduction of chemist preservatives. No matter you are worried about mould generation or gas production, Biamex® range has a solution to your problems.

Moreover, thanks to its action, Biamex® products have demonstrated efficacy even reducing treatments. All in all, we can obtain food products with a natural organoleptic that has better characteristics during more time in supermarkets, accomplishing consumers’ exigencies.

Which products you can find in Biamex® range?

Our range products Biamex® offers different products no matter which is your necessity. Thus, you will find a Listeria specialist, as Biamex Export, or an innovative ferment protector with activity against Clostridium, as Biamex 150. In addition, you will find a product that can reduce every commercial problems in every type of food products, Biamex SP.

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