Food oxidation can cause organoleptic changes, which may be the reason for the loss of important nutrients. In addition, there is now a growing demand for more natural foods that are safe and durable. This is why the use of antioxidants is necessary in food industry.

How can we avoid food’ spoil?

Antioxidants, thanks to its action mechanism, are able to avoid this phenomenon. Given the demands of the market, effective products as Amexol® are necessary to have this effect, maintaining clean label and product security.

Which is the effect of antioxidants?

This products’ range is formulated based on spice extracts and has the ability to maintain the food colour thanks to the reduction of spoil. In this way, avoiding lipids and proteins oxidation, your food product will maintain their organoleptic characteristics stable during the whole shelf-life.

Moreover, these natural ingredients will maintain your product’s safety thanks to its antimicrobial effect. All of that without changing flavour and the smell of your products.

Which advantages Amexol® has?

As every Amerex’ products, Amexol® assures its function maintaining your product’ clean label. In this way, your company will be beneficiated, improving the corporative image and avoiding products reimbursement.

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