Within the food industry, yeasts are very important in many fermented products such as bread, cheese, sausages, wine or beer, as they are responsible for lead the fermentation process. However, these unicellular fungi can sometimes be responsible for the organoleptic alteration of different foods: generating undesirable odors, increasing acidity, producing stains, growing visibly on the food, etc.

This variety of heterofermentative fermentations of which they are capable, together with the fact that the focus is generally on lactic-acid bacteria when analyzing, results in them often going unnoticed as the possible causes of food spoilage.

At Amerex we have a lot of experience in distinguishing them. In fact, we have identified and solved problems such as the graph attached below, on several occasions in which yeasts were the cause. We have even managed to solve it with natural preservatives that have an indirect action on them, because they prevent the pH from dropping. If you want more information about this illustrative example, contact us or click below.

Yeasts case study