If there is one concern shared by all sectors of the food industry, it is without a doubt oxidation in the final product. This phenomenon is boosted by external factors such as light and temperature, as well as microbiological factors.

Oxidation is an irreversible chain reaction in which the food suffers from browning of fats or loss of its original colour (mainly protein oxidation), together with undesirable flavours and odours.

As a food manufacturer you have been offered natural antioxidants. It is difficult to find real efficacy and when found, it often brings foreign flavours to the food at functional dosages.

That is why at Amerex we are constantly testing the available plant extracts. Not only do we measure the efficacy, but we also make tasting panels. We are also participants in a European funded project on circular economy in which we are searching for new antioxidants.

Do you want to see how the ones we currently have work? You can see it below.

Oxidation case study