We are all aware of the importance of food appealing to our eyes, but what happens when it doesn’t? Unfortunately, we lose sales opportunities with our consumers.

The visual aspect of a food is a decisive factor in a first impression. Perceiving food as something natural and homemade, invites us to want to try it and makes it part of our everyday life. Like a meal at our grandparents’ house, who wouldn’t want it every day?

As food manufacturers, this may seem obvious, but as there are so many needs to be aligned in the final food, it is easy to lose sight of the objective. How much do you need heat treatment or HPP that modifies proteins and lipids? What about those acid regulators that lower pH and change viscosity and colour? Remove Aw and have a drier and less juicy texture? Chemical preservatives with metallic flavours?

We know the answers are not easy, but we offer you natural preservatives for improving safety without spoiling organoleptic properties with other methods. Access the link to see it by yourself.

Organoleptic case study