You have probably noticed how moulds appear on the surface of some food after a certain period of time. The brand image of the food can be damaged whether it happens on the supermarket shelf or if it happens very quickly to the consumer once it has been opened at their homes.

Indeed, the appearance of mould on the surface of any food is a symbol of spoilage and it is recommended that the food be discarded. As harmless as it may seem, moulds can generate mycotoxins that can cause allergic reactions and health problems. Moreover, as they are dispersed by spores, their presence in factories can be desperate, selectively contaminating some batches and not others.

Amerex has developed natural preservatives based on biotechnology capable of preventing the direct proliferation of moulds, so their action is comparable to classic antifungal additives such as sorbate. Below you can see one of the many practical cases in which we have made this replacement.

Moulds case study