Last month, Amerex’s technical division had the honour of participating in the II Foro Healthy de Alimentación de La Rioja (II La Rioja Healthy Food Forum), invited by Centro Tecnológico CTIC-CITA, the perfect hosts who once again counted on us to disseminate and to share our knowledge.

This Forum exhibited the different challenges of the industry when facing a change in consumer trends towards healthier eating forecasts, based on innovation and product reformulation. Our technical experts Luciano Vivas and Alejandro Rodríguez made a presentation focused on clean label strategies adopted by the industry as technical solutions for these consumer demands. Do you want to know which thoughts they shared? Keep reading!

The presentation was based on several questions to be answered about possible solutions to carry out the clean label strategy, its influence on quality and its profitability.

Are there solutions? Yes. However, before facing them, a well-defined and balanced objective must be determined. It is difficult to define a tasty, healthy, unprocessed, appealing and free of E-numbers final product, even more with considerably enhanced shelf-life and safety. It is difficult and we have to be realistic.

Nevertheless, as we have said before, many solutions can be reached by establishing defined and balanced objectives. For example, if our objective is to eliminate sulphite, a slightly effective microbiologically preservative but a very good reducer speaking in terms of colour, we can use a clean label microbiological solution. This solution will certainly increase the shelf-life, however the colour will not be the one provided by sulphites. Besides, as we have stated before, Amerex is already working on solutions regarding colour. The following is a concrete example amongst many others:

Descriptive image about the different Amerex clean label blends as solutions to various industry challenges. These challenges are the following: color, gas and/or liquid formation, and growth of spoilage bacteria such as Lactobacilli/Gram +, Listeria, Enterobacteria, Anaerobes, and Moulds and yeasts.

Historically, we have applied our solutions almost exclusively to the meat industry. Nowadays, many other industries in the food sector demand this kind of strategy and we can assure that the formulas we provide are perfectly adaptable to them. These industries include dairy products, fish, beverages, ready meals, sandwiches, egg products, vegan products…

The second question to be answered is the following one, what impact does it have on quality? We can guarantee according to our expertise that microbiologically the quality is assured. As you have seen in the previous image, all the solutions are tested and verified in our pilot plant, evaluated through different tests such as the aforementioned Challenge Test.

To guarantee your quality, you must be surrounded by experts in other areas for synergetic relationships that promote the quality. This is the reason why we are delighted to collaborate with the host, CTIC-CITA, who helps us to develop thanks to its excellent facilities, its qualified staff and the ease of communication between us. Last but not least… Are they profitable? As we have mentioned before, with a well-defined objectives and a tested, well-designed product, a higher rate of validated products is achieved. This is the first criteria of profitability: good communication, trust and the establishment of objectives agreed by both parties. Higher profitability, with up to 20% more validations and better market performance is reached. We can state that only with 1% of final products not returned, you have already amortized the invested cost. Our solutions pay for themselves.

In this image you can see a comparison between a standard industry validation of a product, and a validation using the Amerex Method

Soon we will upload the full video of the day. Do not miss it!

Once again many thanks to our friends and we hope to see you all in future editions.

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