When developing a food product, organoleptic characteristics is key to success. This is why there are many manufacturer that decide to add a natural flavour to its food.

What is a natural flavour?

Flavours are food ingredients that are added with the objective of giving taste and smell to the final product, so in little doses we can obtain specific organoleptic characteristics. The way of use and quantity are legally regulated by the European Union. These flavours can be obtained thanks to chemistry synthesis or by the extraction of different spices.

Ametaste® range products

In Amerex we propose a big variety of flavours, which have been formulated by specialized flavours developers. Our flavours are tailor-made created according to your necessities, using healthy, vegan and without allergens ingredients. Thanks to that, no matter what is the product you are thinking of, we can obtain a perfect adapted flavour.

Which are the Ametaste® advantages?

As every Amerex products, Ametaste® assures its function maintaining your products’ clean label. Thanks to this, your company will be beneficiated thanks to high quality products, differentiating your brand.

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