Our world has changed in many ways due to recent events, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by us. Even though we cherish the fact that things have significantly improved, here, at Amerex, we are working just as hard as always but with a bigger foccus on implementing methods to ensure our clients safety. This has led us to the creation of Amerex Virtual, which is the topic of today’s Blog.

Let’s see what is it about:

Step 1: In a very easy calendar, simply select a date and a time when you are available to have a meeting with us. Don’t forget to fill your name and the company you work for.

This Doodle is no longer available. Please send an email to to schedule a meeting.

Step 2: Wait for our confirmation email to obtain the link for the scheduled meeting

Step 3: Enter via the link on the selected day and time to join our meeting

Simple and effective!

We hope you find this system very useful. It is our pleasure to be at your disposal in this unusual times we are living in, always trying to lend a helping hand towards the development of safer products for every sector from the food industry.

Thank you very much again for your trust.

We are still here for you!

Phone number: +34 91 845 42 14

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