We ended our Blog this year with a post about SIAL Paris, one of the main food and agriculture trades in Europe, a three-day trip making the most of the time spent. Thanks to our stay in Paris, we can tell you the main news and our impressions and conclusions about the different sectors of the food market.

More than 7,200 exhibitors from 119 countries and 310,000 visitors from 194 different countries visited this trade. Within a very strong international presence (approximately 87% of the exhibitors and 73% of the visitors from an international origin), Spain was represented by 479 companies, being one of the main exhibiting countries together with France, China and Italy. 21 industry sectors were present, the most interesting included deli counter, dairy products and fresh meats, but others were very important such as BIO and gourmet products.

A room called Sial Innovation introduced us to 2,355 innovative products, where the most distinguished were awarded. Three of the award-winning innovations this year belonged to Spanish companies:

–         Sturgeon fillets in extra virgin olive oil from Castillo de Canena
Source: Sturgeon

–         Elayo’s Olive Seed Oil
Source: Olive Seed Oil

–         Choví’s Black Garlic Alioli
Source: Black Garlic Alioli Mini Mortar

From our point of view, SIAL 2018 showed us the common topics in recent times: internationalization and innovation. The huge presence of international exhibitors and visitors allowed companies to be known outside their borders, in addition to gaining loyalty from their closest customers. For us, it has strengthened our idea of ​​expansion, since almost 100% of the interaction we had was with foreign companies.

Also innovation in efficiency, since population growth will be very pronounced 30 years from now (a population of 9.8 billion people is estimated for 2050). The challenge of feeding such a large number of people has been considered and that is why SIAL has bet on a new, healthier and highly sustainable diet that meet the expectations of consumers.

To summarize, the general and particular outcomes of the trade fair is very positive. The large number of people coming from many different countries, the different types of products that we were able to find, and above all, the innovation, enriched this experience and left us more than satisfied with the sector and with everything expected to come in the near future.

We wish you Happy Holidays and a wonderful beginning of the New Year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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