¡Hello again to everyone and welcome to our Blog! Today, we are proud to introduce to you our 2020 catalogue, which encapsulates all the research findings and developments achieved by our team till date: the 2020 AMEREX CATALOGUE.

Amerex has over 40 years of experience in the food industry, and we believe in helping producers and consumers alike, which is why we are sharing our knowledge to enable you in making better choices.  Our philosophy has always revolved around the prioritization of R&D sector. For us, innovation goes hand in hand with our trials and analysis, and our conclusions have been brought about by many years of extensive research based on this philosophy.

So, here is the result of all this work! A document where you can find solutions to many problems that affect companies in the food industry, strictly adhering to our slogan: “A solution for every challenge”. We want to give you a little “sneak peak” of the content…

Here’s an introduction to all our main trials conducted using our preservatives and starters, on the meat industry.

In this picture is described the growth of Lactobacilli in fresh sausages with and without the addition of a Safemix preservative. Values in the control sample shows an exponential growth from day 1 to day 7, reaching around day 6 a value of 6 on the log scale (ten raised to the power of six), above the Lactobacilli shelf-life limit. However, in two samples on which Safemix has been incorporated, there exists a progressive lowering of Lactobacilli to a logarithmic scale below 4 (ten raised to the power of four), around day 5 in the case of Safemix 1, and from day 1 to day 7 of shelf-life in the case of Safemix 2
Image 1. Trials on fresh sausage with our range of preservatives – Safemix
In this picture two burgers can be seen: a control with three additives incorporated (citrate, ascorbate and diacetate), and another one on which diacetate has been replaced by the Safemix preservative. This last one has a better color, which proves that one of the additives can be substituted with a natural solution and achieve better results.
Image 2. Trials on burgers with our range of preservatives – Safemix
This picture shows a comparison between a dried sausage (chorizo) ​​manufactured with Fermitrat-S1, one of our starters, and the same chorizo ​​without a starter. Differences in texture can be observed, the dried sausage ​​with the starter shows a much solid texture produced by water retention and a lower pH. On the other hand, the control dried sausage ​​presents a typical wrinkle, because of the no retention of water by the meat proteins as the result of no acidification.
Imagen 3. Differences between dried sausages with/without a starter
In this picture you can see a loin injected with a very special starter from our Fermitrat range, based on micrococci that do not takes part on an acidification proccess. This starter only produce a color similar to the one provided by nitrification, which remains stable over time (in the picture it is showed 15 days after injecting)
Image 4. Pork loin injected with a Fermitrat starter

In addition to this, we have laid eyes on other prominent sectors of the food industry in the past few years. We believe that our range of preservatives will be of great use owing to their effectiveness. In the coming years, we aspire to develop and boost our potential to a greater extent, but for now, here is a brief glimpse into some of our trials.

This picture shows a comparison between spanish omelettes exposed to elevated temperature conditions. One of them has a preservative from the Biamex range, while the other one doesn't. It can be seen much more gas generated in spanish omelette without the preservative, as well as a much less consistent texture
Image 5. Trials in spanish omelettes with our range of preservatives – Biamex
In this picture the evolution of total plate count can be seen in samples of filling sauce, with and without Biamex, one of our preservatives, added. A considerable difference is observed, the sample with the protector is mantained around ten raised to the power of two, while the control sample reaches a logarithmic scale of ten raised to the power of six
Image 6. Trials in a filling sauce with our range of preservatives – Biamex

And there is so much more! Following are over 30 pages of visual documents to backup and display our research, would you like to take a look?


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