Today, the trend towards vegan products has gained significant popularity, but a debate arises over the authenticity of their “naturalness”. Many products labelled as vegan contain chemical additives, which has led to questions about their true nutritional value and their alignment with a healthy lifestyle. It is difficult to find vegan products that are clean label, i.e. that are free from food additives.

The question is, therefore, are products with a long list of chemical additives, such as these foods, really natural, and are there better options for natural preservatives to replace the current chemical additives?

It is clear that obtaining a natural, healthy, microbiologically safe and organoleptically optimal product is no easy task – read on and we’ll tell you more!

The term “Clean Label” means “clean label”, i.e. in the food industry it means a label free of chemical additives.

The term “clean label” has gained prominence in the food industry in recent years. It represents consumer demand for transparency and the search for products with ingredients that are easy to understand and recognise.

Consumers are now more informed about the additives used in foodstuffs and have access to the E-number references on labels.

Additives in vegan products

Food additives are all substances that are added to minimally processed foods to improve their organoleptic properties and to maintain their microbiological safety. All additives permitted in the European Union are regulated by Regulation (EC) 1331/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 December 2008.

Vegan foods, in most cases, undergo a high level of processing and various additives are necessary to help them achieve the organoleptic and taste of the animal products they are trying to imitate. In addition, we cannot forget the importance of obtaining a microbiologically safe product as well, so preservatives will also be necessary in that list of ingredients.

This last point is another open debate, why imitate foods of animal origin that involve high processing and the addition of additives, instead of obtaining innovative vegan products.

Whatever the answer, at Amerex we can help by reducing the list of additives as we are specialists in natural preservatives based on biotechnology.

It is essential to educate consumers about the difference between natural preservatives and chemical additives. While additives can raise health concerns, Amerex natural preservatives are obtained from natural sources and are sustainably processed.

Amidst the debate about the authenticity of vegan products, the choice of natural preservatives becomes a crucial factor. Natural preservatives, unlike chemical additives, preserve the freshness of food without compromising quality or adding unwanted components.

Numerous natural preservatives are available for safe and organoleptically acceptable vegan products. As an industry leader, we at Amerex understand the importance of providing effective and safe natural food preservative solutions. Our dedication to biotechnology allows us to develop products that meet clean label standards without sacrificing food preservation efficacy.

We have many success stories in vegan foods for both dairy analogues and meat analogues. For this, the use of preservatives such as the Safemix range of products helps in the reduction of chemical treatments and additives and in the improvement of organoleptics.

Amerex is committed to offering natural preservatives that not only preserve the freshness of food, but also meet clean label standards, providing consumers with an authentic and healthy choice by obtaining the most natural product possible.

Find out how Amerex natural preservatives can improve the quality of your products – contact us today for more information!

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