FSSC22000 session

Hello everyone and welcome back! Today, we want to tell you how, from Amerex, we keep moving forward since our certification in the FSSC22000 to take care of our process. One of the main concepts of this certification is Food Defense.

“Food defense” is born after the terrorist attacks on September 11th, being defined by the United States Department of Agriculture as the protection of the food supply against the intentioned adulteration with biologic, chemical or radioactive agents. This situation can be done by dissatisfied employees or by the competence.

Is for this reason why the formation in the field is essential to assure a safety food supply. From Amerex, we did as a team a course that let us learn how to recognise the risks, acting preventively against all of them. Thanks to that, we are capable to detect which are the possible potential vulnerabilities and put in action a system that let us facing the problems that they can generate.

Thanks to this system, we can implement protocols that let us facing up this malicious practices. This protocols includes the installation of safety cameras, fences to ensure access control and other practices that help us control the access to our manufacturing sites. 

Like this, we protect us from external attacks, assuring the quality of our processes and generating trust on our clients. Little by little, we are keeping up with the market requirements, maintaining our commitment to quality for you.

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