Welcome one more day to our Amerex Blog! This post makes us feel very proud since it is the result of a constant and thorough work. We summarize all our thoughts provided for the personalized service we make for you. Today we present the Method Innovation Amerex, or MIA, as a performed map that looks upon the peculiarities and identities of each company. Let’s see what is it like!

For the past several years, Amerex has prioritized the R&D field to stay at the technological forefront and to grow more and more. An important event for us in 2019 was to furnish our pilot plant with exclusive equipment.

After a lot of research and thanks to our own experience during the process, we want to highlight the importance of optimizing everything. According to this, we have developed a mechanism for implementing the latest innovations in our formulas with the application on every one of the interested manufacturing plants. This is the new MIA.

What do we want to achieve with the implementation of the MIA? We want to achieve a 100% personalized and closer assistance, aimed at relating the concepts test and product launch as synonyms and maximising the chances of success throughout a close collaboration.

How are we achieving it? First, it is essential to define all the vocabulary in the proper way: Test, Assay and Sample. A conceptual route of them and their relationship would be the following, but maybe it would be interesting for you to know more about it.

Correlation between the concepts test, sample and assay, from the need for a product that involves testing with a plan and sample management, to the establishment of the product on the market after the validation process.

Which concepts do we consider essential for the correct development of the MIA?

  • Previous work → to establish, as we have said before, an objective and a plan before starting.
  • Sending samples → they are only sent after the study if meeting certain requirements.
  • Communication → the need for communication amongst different channels is summed up through a shared document between Amerex and the client.
  • Analysis of the results → Amerex will always be involved in the analysis of the results as a greater guarantee of making the test profitable and ensuring the same.

The implementation of the MIA means that with half the assays required in each test, less time is needed to validate a product and also 30% of the products are validated. Without this method, this means one out of ten times.

In this image you can see a comparison of an average validation of a product in the industry, compared to a validation using the Amerex Method

Moreover, the ultimate goal is to achieve commercial success in the market, a Top Sales. The previous work of guiding the test, together with a bigger flow of developments, boosts the chances of achieving this success by 40%.

So far, it is clear that we save time and ensure better results. However, what about the costs?

Let’s see an example simulating the costs of an average company from the food industry, where the average investment for tests, including labour costs, may be around 30,000 euros. If the number of trials is split in half, as noticed before, then the costs will be only 15,000 euros.

The fact that 30% of the products are validated and a 40% more chances for them to became a Top Sales, makes it plausible to increase the turnover in 15%, 350,000 euros in this case.

In addition, we have checked that the returns fall by 1%, which constitutes about 22,000 euros of savings. In an average Fermitrat®, about 20,000 euros are invested per year. It pays for itself, it is profitable.

We believe that this text may seem just like empty words, but there is so much more. We are at your disposal for checking out other examples or scenarios, providing specific information about the method itself or a personalized assistance for your particular case.

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