Hello everyone and welcome back! Once again, we want to share with you Amerex’s most recent progress of which we are enormously proud. Thanks to our R&D department dynamic and restless character regarding new developments, we have been awarded the Innovative SME stamp.

So, what is an Innovative SME? It is a designation granted by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation that acknowledges the enterprises’ innovative character and achievements in this field. It has been possible for us to achieve this recognition because of our current active involvement in R&D. Some of the R&D projects we are currently working on are the European Up4Health Project of the Horizon 2020 financing program, as well as the Cervera Project.

What does it really mean to have this stamp? All the efforts we have made during these years to stay at the forefront of the food industry and to help our clients improve their processes and products with differentiating technology finally receive public recognition. 

Furthermore, this stamp is now one more reason for Amerex’s ambition to continue to grow. The development of new ideas and new products is one of the foundation stones on which we base our activity. In conclusion, we would like you to keep counting on us for many more years as we will always work to be a reliable and innovative enterprise.  

We are very proud and happy to have obtained this certification. We will continue working to keep you updated!

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