PROUD TO PRESENT THE AMEREX APPLICATIONS MAP – Get to know our natural products

Hello everyone in this new Blog post! With the aim of bringing you closer to Amerex’s products, we want to share with you a short and very schematic conceptual map that summarizes what has been building throughout its 40-year history thanks to its natural products.

As a first reference and taking into account the applicability of our preservatives, we consider as target foods those that are commercially threatened, due to their short shelf-life and their need to be stored refrigerated.

Amerex’s concept of a preservative includes a wide range of natural products that enhance the food safety (from a microbiological perspective) and the shelf-life (referring to the organoleptic characteristics), also reducing the need to use certain treatments or chemical additives, for example.

Bearing in mind the main characteristics of our target Foods and pointing out that our products do not produce colour, odour or taste; we have been broadening and improving our applications to reach all kinds of foods and food sectors for several years.

All these concepts are reflected in the Amerex Applications Map. Contact us and ask for your copy in the following  email.

In addition, we will be happy to attend to your interests, curiosities and needs and to answer any questions you may have. We really hope this document brings you great ideas!

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