One of the most satisfying things about our job is having the chance of visiting different places and leave the “city chains” behind; we consider it a breath of fresh air in the middle of our routines. For this reason, we would like to inaugurate this new section to speak about the life-lessons of Amerex’s trips.

We have finally returned to Levante! One of our favourite regions to explore. In this evolving world, internationalization and expansion processes within the different sectors make it highly difficult for us to prolong our stay in such enriching places. Unfortunately, we are running out of time…

Even though the days are few, it is always a pleasure to meet old friends. We say friends because so many years of relationships create small but strong bonds with the clients, which grow every day more than it may seem.

Being less sentimental (as the Queen song says, didn’t mean to make you cry), in this 2-day trip traveling more than 1,200 km we had the opportunity to visit many people, and some visits were very special. Beyond reporting about Amerex news, we were able to have a little chat with one particular client about industry topics that concern us all.

We both clearly agree to bet on quality, however it is an interesting debate that prevails in society that if you look for a quality sausage at the supermarket, you should be prepared to pay what its worth. As we have mentioned in previous blog posts, the consumer trend is to demand extreme quality of products but in a cheap way, which turns to be unfeasible.

Nevertheless, not only did we take part in this interesting thought. In addition, we were able to discuss about daily, personal issues outside the workplace. In this case, considering the physical injuries that could affect any of us, this valued client, despite the pain inflicted upon him, continues to work every day from the time of 5 am. He does not consider a treatment for the risk of losing working days worth it.

Such an example of perseverance, although we advised him to evaluate all the options since our true wish is for him to recover very soon. We stated this firmly, thanks to our close relationship, and just because of his gratitude and the feeling of being trusted, we are satisfied.

Within our humble capabilities, our purpose is always to offer our clients more than just products: trust and advice.

These trips are very rewarding, especially because we can see that the work done bears fruits and we can notice the satisfaction of the clients. Not to mention the opportunity to enjoy free time and forget the routine a bit.

See you in the next chapter…


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