We ended our Blog this year with a post about SIAL Paris, one of the main food and agriculture trades in Europe, a three-day trip making the most of the time spent. Thanks to our stay in Paris, we can tell you the main news and our impressions and conclusions about the different sectors of the food market.

More than 7,200 exhibitors from 119 countries and 310,000 visitors from 194 different countries visited this trade. Within a very strong international presence (approximately 87% of the exhibitors and 73% of the visitors from an international origin), Spain was represented by 479 companies, being one of the main exhibiting countries together with France, China and Italy. 21 industry sectors were present, the most interesting included deli counter, dairy products and fresh meats, but others were very important such as BIO and gourmet products.

A room called Sial Innovation introduced us to 2,355 innovative products, where the most distinguished were awarded. Three of the award-winning innovations this year belonged to Spanish companies:

–         Sturgeon fillets in extra virgin olive oil from Castillo de Canena
Source: Sturgeon

–         Elayo’s Olive Seed Oil
Source: Olive Seed Oil

–         Choví’s Black Garlic Alioli
Source: Black Garlic Alioli Mini Mortar

From our point of view, SIAL 2018 showed us the common topics in recent times: internationalization and innovation. The huge presence of international exhibitors and visitors allowed companies to be known outside their borders, in addition to gaining loyalty from their closest customers. For us, it has strengthened our idea of ​​expansion, since almost 100% of the interaction we had was with foreign companies.

Also innovation in efficiency, since population growth will be very pronounced 30 years from now (a population of 9.8 billion people is estimated for 2050). The challenge of feeding such a large number of people has been considered and that is why SIAL has bet on a new, healthier and highly sustainable diet that meet the expectations of consumers.

To summarize, the general and particular outcomes of the trade fair is very positive. The large number of people coming from many different countries, the different types of products that we were able to find, and above all, the innovation, enriched this experience and left us more than satisfied with the sector and with everything expected to come in the near future.

We wish you Happy Holidays and a wonderful beginning of the New Year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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100,000 m2 of Barcelona’s Gran Vía de Fira, ​​more than 4,500 exhibitors from 70 countries, 30% of them being international. Approximately 150,000 visitors, both national and international, 1,400 buyers and 300 innovations. This is the scenario of the 22nd edition of Alimentaria 2018, in which the highlight topic is internationalization, one of the biggest challenges of the food sector.

In an optimistic atmosphere and while the industry innovations are being promoted, the priority is to encourage relationships between international buyers and exhibiting companies from countries such as Germany, Argentina, Ecuador, Belgium, Holland, China, Hong-Kong, France, Romania, Russia, Thailand and Turkey.

Within the whole Alimentaria’s exhibition offer we could find Intercarn, a meat products exhibitor which occupied a hall up to 15,000 m2 (11% more than in the previous edition). During the past 10 years, the Spanish meat industry has experienced significant growth, driven by the increase in the number of exports (currently exporting 40% of its production), and has doubled its sales abroad. Thanks to this growth, meat sector is now the fourth most important industrial sector in Spain, with more than 22,000 million euros of turnover (exceeding the 21% of the whole food sector). Together with Germany, we are the third world producer in the sector.

Besides internationalization, another important aspect to highlight is the prioritization of the healthiest products as a trend for 2019. In this aspect, the reduction of fat, salt and sugars as well as the vegan or ecological trend and the elimination of allergens such as gluten or lactose are taken into account. We expect to carry out an in-depth analysis of trends early next year, but we anticipate that consumers are very open to trying new and surprising things, daring to combine flavours and innovating in both products and types of packaging. Alimentaria dedicated an innovation space to several product launches that will not go unnoticed:

Ham and Chorizo Confetti by Martínez Somalo
Ham and Chorizo Confetti by Martínez Somalo
Source: martinezsomalo.com/es/confeti/
Freeze-dried nougat - nougat and almond protein shake by Hijos de Manuel Picó
Freeze-dried nougat – nougat & almond protein shake by Hijos de Manuel Picó
Source: turronesmanuelpico.com/
Chickpeas Chips and Lentil Crusts with Turmeric by El Granero Integral
Chickpeas Chips and Lentil Crusts with Turmeric by El Granero Integral
Source: elgranero.com/
Ready Meals for baking: Tapeo by Pescanova
Ready Meals for baking: Tapeo by Pescanova
Source: pescanova.es/
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One of the most satisfying things about our job is having the chance of visiting different places and leave the “city chains” behind; we consider it a breath of fresh air in the middle of our routines. For this reason, we would like to inaugurate this new section to speak about the life-lessons of Amerex’s trips.

We have finally returned to Levante! One of our favourite regions to explore. In this evolving world, internationalization and expansion processes within the different sectors make it highly difficult for us to prolong our stay in such enriching places. Unfortunately, we are running out of time…

Even though the days are few, it is always a pleasure to meet old friends. We say friends because so many years of relationships create small but strong bonds with the clients, which grow every day more than it may seem.

Being less sentimental (as the Queen song says, didn’t mean to make you cry), in this 2-day trip traveling more than 1,200 km we had the opportunity to visit many people, and some visits were very special. Beyond reporting about Amerex news, we were able to have a little chat with one particular client about industry topics that concern us all.

We both clearly agree to bet on quality, however it is an interesting debate that prevails in society that if you look for a quality sausage at the supermarket, you should be prepared to pay what its worth. As we have mentioned in previous blog posts, the consumer trend is to demand extreme quality of products but in a cheap way, which turns to be unfeasible.

Nevertheless, not only did we take part in this interesting thought. In addition, we were able to discuss about daily, personal issues outside the workplace. In this case, considering the physical injuries that could affect any of us, this valued client, despite the pain inflicted upon him, continues to work every day from the time of 5 am. He does not consider a treatment for the risk of losing working days worth it.

Such an example of perseverance, although we advised him to evaluate all the options since our true wish is for him to recover very soon. We stated this firmly, thanks to our close relationship, and just because of his gratitude and the feeling of being trusted, we are satisfied.

Within our humble capabilities, our purpose is always to offer our clients more than just products: trust and advice.

These trips are very rewarding, especially because we can see that the work done bears fruits and we can notice the satisfaction of the clients. Not to mention the opportunity to enjoy free time and forget the routine a bit.

See you in the next chapter…


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As we mentioned in the previous post, Amerex had the pleasure to be at Tecnoalimentaria 2018 and share a stand with Barcelonesa Food Tech (BFT), who were the perfect hosts for a wonderful evening.

We met a lot of visitors and provided information to everyone interested in our innovations and products. Among the products we presented, we can mention PROTEAN and FIBREAN from Barcelonesa, or our own clean label solutions for shelf-life and safety.

Meeting to present Amerex solutions to a customer

Since this was our first experience as exhibitors, we have come to some conclusions:

The visitor’s profile was very diverse (manufacturers from every food industry; food consultants; ingredients’ manufacturers or even the competition). And, although we encountered this wide-ranging profile among our visitors, we can say that all of them were looking for Clean label solutions, being the shelf life solutions particularly requested.

At Amerex, this reinforces our goals and ambitions to offer the latest clean label solutions in the market. Thanks to our research capabilities and our innovations, which are constantly increasing, we are getting closer to new markets. We firmly believe we are on our way to be able to offer our expertise to all food sectors.

Furthermore, another conclusion to be drawn from our meetings is that, among the BFT-Amerex novelties, one of the natural fibre products stood out. This product is FIBREAN, an alternative to traditional additives or ingredients which seems to especially suit vegan products.

Finally, we first wanted to thank Barcelonesa for their invitation to share their stand with us, and also all the people who showed interest in our products. We will keep working on developing our solutions to respond to two of the greatest challenges of the food industry: safety and tailor-made solutions.


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Today we are having a look about the 15th Edition of the Barcelona International Machinery, Technology and Ingredients Trade Fair, the FoodTech Barcelona 2018, where we shared a stand with Barcelonesa Group at the Techno Ingredients Show.

Nuria and Alejandro at Barcelona's Gran Vía de Fira

More than 5,100 m2 of Barcelona’s Gran Vía de Fira were the meeting point for companies and professionals from the Techno-Food sector. Around 270 exhibitors from 30 countries (10% more than in the 2015 Edition) received around 40,000 visitors, both national and international (5% more than in the 2015 Edition). The latest developments in the industry were discussed during conferences, round-table discussions, meetings and activities focused on food technology.

View of a Tecnoalimentaria hall

There were three main halls where Tecno Cárnica, Tecno Alimentaria and Tecno Ingredientes carried out their activities. Food ingredients have been in the spotlight this year, among which meat has experienced a rapid growth. Therefore, it is no wonder that one of the halls was exclusively dedicated to said ingredients.

Internationalization was another area that was clearly promoted. This year, the Association of Internationalized Industrial Companies (AMEC) designed a plan thanks to which 500 buyers from 15 different countries in Europe, Asia and America were gathered to attend scheduled business meetings with exhibitors who tried to reach success through business delegations and reverse trade missions. The increased number of foreign visitors is also worth mentioning, since it represented 12% of the total visits.

Lastly, one of the keys to the internationalization process has been obtaining the US Department of Commerce’s Trade Fair Certification, which brings Spanish companies closer to the North American market.

We are certain that in next editions these data will be even better. We have witnessed the expansion of this sector, which encourages us to trust in its capacity to keep expanding and improving in the near future.


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